5 Nov 2017

Upcycled Comic Book Lamp

You know when you spend hours looking at Pinterest and have a million ideas? So much time on Pinterest that you don't have any hours left over for actually making the upcycled eco friendly vegan brownie, with hand painted geometric plate. Well I actually peeled myself away from the laptop to actually make a thing.

I've had this mannequin since my market days, clogging up space in my house, but it also seemed wasteful to get rid of it. Around the same time I was keeping an eye out for tall lamps in charity shops. Everything I saw looked really ugly,like it came straight out of an Argos catalog. 

The Pinterest and PVA glue came to the rescue.

It really was as easy as it looks, and only took about an afternoon to do. As you can see I cut a whole at the neck to fit in the electrical bit,which was just a cheap plastic lamp from Ikea that I snapped off to make it fit. In the last picture you can see there is a lampshade on it. This was just a manky beige shade that I had lying about that I painted with acrylic paint. 

Guess how much this cost me? Nothing at all!

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