20 Jul 2009

Exciting News

Yes it has been a very long time since my last post, and I missed my wee little blog very much, but with all the busy-ness something had to give. There has been lots of news...
Remember the shop in Kilkenny, well I'm on my 3rd order for them, they decided to go with smaller more regular orders, which is easier to maintain for both of us. It's working out well and things are selling pretty quickly.

I've taken a break for about a month from the Sunday market, it's been very quiet and it really wasn't worth my time doing it during the Summer. Limerick is a largely student based population and they all disappear for the Summer time. Also everyone else seems to gravitate towards the coast every weekend. So sorry to anyone who has gone down the past couple of weeks looking for me...I'll be back eventually.

I've decidied to invest some money...not in wine or art or property....in buttons!! A friend of mine is selling off a massive job lot of buttons for 1000 euro, there are sundry haberdashery supplies too, like pinking shears, thread, etc etc. I'll use a fair amount of it myself and the plan is to set up a second shop on etsy selling supplies, and also to go around the fashion colleges selling to students. They are all vintage buttons as the shop they all came from closed down years ago. I can't wait to collect them.

And the big news is...

I'm having a fashion show! Yey!

It's in relation to the shop in Kilkenny, the lovely Roisin organised the event for me. It's just myself and my friend Orla showing our collections, so it's been a pretty tall order trying to get a big enough collection made to fill a whole night of entertainment. It's on in Newross on the 20th of August if any of you are in the area. I'm really excited about it, but I'm pretty exhausted as I am sewing pretty much every waking hour. .....speaking of which I should really go upstairs and do some work

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