11 Mar 2010

Done, Finished, Finito....Hurrah!

I was totally right, making the cage for the inside of the red ballgown totally broke my heart. The first attemp was some bizarre paper mache and plaster of paris concoction that I won't embarress myself by talking about any further(let's just leave it at the fact when 2 friends saw the attempt they laughed...a lot!). My second attempt was an underskirt made from bedsheets with lots of wire going through it, and then more wire, and then a bit more. But that looked like a sadly deflating balloon. So in the end I went back to my first idea which I had initially dismissed....hoola hoops...5 of them to be exact. I fed them into the underskirt I had made for the wire and chopped them down to make them different sizes.
So after lots of shout, cursing, tantrums, some tears and dispondancy I finished it!! I know these aren't the best photos but I jusat wanted to show you something as I'm so thrilled that it's done. Please note this dress is the reason I've been a bold blogger lately....it took DAYS to make.
I have just over a day to finish my recycled denim dress, and then I've to install the works in the gallery. I'm really excited to see how they look in the space...I'll take pictures, I promise!
(Note: This is meant to be a show piece, just in case any of you were wondering why I made a dress that's impossible to sit down in...anyway, I hear FIERCE women don't sit)


  1. Congrats on the nominations! I think you'll be perfect for the Business Category because this shows that businesss blogs don't have to be dull and boring and all about economics and marketings jargon!!!!

    I LOVE the patchwork skirt on that dress!

  2. Thanks Miss Hermia! As i said it broke wrecked my head to make it, but I do love it!

  3. Shouldn't you wear it to the blog awards!

  4. Ha Alan! Nope i dont think so, but i do plan to make the dress I will be wearing...I just have to find the time to do it!

  5. WOW!!!! This is GORGEOUS!!! I love it... great job!


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