Nice Day Designs has been through a few incarnations over the years, it was originally stated by Ruth Crean in 2008, when it was predominantly a craft business. Many people would know her colourful work that she sold in boutiques around Ireland and at the Milk Market in Limerick City. After several years and some tough decision making Ruth moved away from the time consuming and financially harrowing world of handcrafts and pursued other interests.

In the past year she made the decision to reform Nice Day Designs with her partner Neil Farrell, but just taking up the badge making side of her previous enterprise. Together they happily come up with new designs, answer emails as chirpily and with as man puns as possible.

This blog is a collection of their design work for the custom badge making business but also a home for both of their writing. Each of them are avid readers and writers, and this love of words will naturally spill out onto the screen. Neil is currently working on his first novel, which Ruth is illustrating, some of his writing from his blog will most likely float over onto this one too.

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  1. How I wish I could also make fabulous designs like that. Since I'm taking up graphic design college, I can only make designs through computer programs. Still, I would want to become a fashion designer too.


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