21 Nov 2008

RTE Nationwide

Part of my mad busyness lately is due to a recent email I got aking if I would be interested in being on Nationwide. For those of you not in Ireland I'll explain. It's a programme that has been running on national television forever, and it showcases different business and community topics around the country. Most friends that I told admitted to me that they secretly are addicted to watching it. It has the image that only grannies and watch it, but it's actually watched by a huge amount of people. So you can understand my bewildered excitement at hearing this, and for the past few weeks I've been in a bit of a tizzy trying to get things organised. I got a phonecall today saying that they will be filming this Sunday at the market. So if you ever wanted to pop down and have a look, Sunday is the day to do it, I need bodies at my stall, please. Also in a couple of weeks they will be calling to my apartment and filming me and some models in my apartment. So the first thing on the list was to get the place organised. So after 6 hours of myself and my sister cleaning yesterday, we got about half way there. I'l post photos later in the week to show you how beautiful it looks, at present it looks like it was attacked by bears.

18 Nov 2008

Busyness pre Christmas

Well it seems I've turned into a crazy busy worker bee, and a few things have suffered because of it. First to go my will to clean the flat, it was never that strong in the first place so I'm no too surprised. Second was my love of blogging, which I gave up unwillingly. I suspect I will be working 7 days a week until Christmas. Between now doing 2 market days, working in a busy restaurant and making all of my stock I definitely won't be idle. Somewhere in there I've to squeeze in a a design for a brochure, a single cover, and I may be doing 2 additional Christmas fairs in the University of Limerick. During last week I got some amazing news that I will be featured on tv with my clothes. More news will follow later when I have concrete dates. But lets just say I have to transform my flat and studio into a presentable place of work, at the moment it looks like its post burglury. So at present I'm really excited that things are going so well and my stuff is selling. But I lie awake at night stressing that I won't be able to keep it up and all my dizzying spinning plates will crash to the ground.
In short: I'm happy but stressed to the gills.

12 Nov 2008


Oh no I have caved to the evil pressure.
I joined Facebook
I don't even know how to use it. I'm told I will be totally addicted, my life will end, and I will become a wizened old lady sitting at my desk waiting for new friends.

11 Nov 2008

Dino-phwar,I'm in love

I just found this shop,Carrot Fever, online and fell in love. I just need to fugure out who to give it to for Christmas. Is it ok to buy lots of them for myself, even tho I've no space for them and no money?

10 Nov 2008

Saturday Market

It's been a good week for this little 'nice day' girl. After recovering from the aforementioned wedding, and the nasty cold that followed it, I had a pretty productive week. I made 4 jackets, and eventually organised my display for my handmade broaches. The best piece of news is that I have at long last gotten a stall at the Saurday market. For those of you who don't live in Limerick I'll explain. The Saturday market is seen as the real market, everyone goes to it, and it's thronged with people over the Christmas season. I was told that there is a waiting list of 120 people to get a full sized pitch there, and people wait years for it. So since I don't have a car, I got a half size plot where I'll be selling my handmade cards, broaches and other little bits and bobs. It looks like I'm going to have to turn into a crazy little worker bee for the next 2 months. Between the 3 days in the restaurant, 2 days of markets and somewhere in there I've to make all of my stock. Well it's better to be too busy rather than looking for work. I can't wait to get started, this week will be my first time selling there. Fingers crossed I make some cash.
The broaches are 15 euro each or a bargain at 3 for 30 euro!

3 Nov 2008

A Long morning and 5 minutes

Just a short hello to anyone who had the misfortune to call down to me at the market today. It was a late night after the wedding on Saturday, so that made for a very grey and grumpy Ruth. So sorry to anone if I seemed a little rude or green in palour. It was an amazing night, a very big congratulations is due for Jenny and Brian. More news and shennanigans of that night will follow soon when my brain decides to start working again.
Another thing, I've been featured as the '5 mins with' interview in the limerick event guide, check it out if you want to find out more silly things about me!
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