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Nice Day Designs don't just specialise in putting photos on badges, over the years we've had lots of fun letting children(and some grown up too) draw their own pictures and have them transformed into a badge that they can wear. There is nothing like seeing the expression on their face as it comes out of the machine and they see their creation come to life.

We put together a video with our amazing assistants Lilly and Sophia to show you how it all works. It's simple; they draw a picture, and Neil flexes his muscles on the amazing badge machine, and within seconds the drawing is transformed into a badge.

We are now offering this service to schools and parties. This is an ideal way for the school to raise money while the children are having fun, and also can take with them a keepsake. We charge €2 per badge, and 50 cent of each sale goes back to the school, so the more children that you get involved the more money the school can raise. We ask that a school would collect all the money from the participating children before the appointed 'badge' day. Then we come in for a full school day, taking groups of 20-30 in half hour intervals, with the supervision of a teacher. We show them what they can draw, and encourage them with their designs, then we make the badges while they watch. This is a suitable activity for all age groups, and older children get as much of a kick from it as the younger ones. The pupils will not be handling the machine, and are in no danger of hurting themselves.

There is a minimum booking of 150 children before we are able to do a school call out.

What is needed:
A room with tables and chairs to sit 30 pupils.
Mondays are the only school day that we are available
Payment is required on the day, preferably by each individual class so participating numbers can be tallied.
Payment is made to the school on the end of the appointed 'badge making' day.

If you have any further questions or would like to make a booking please contact Neil or Ruth at;

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