30 Dec 2008

Post Christmas post

So how was your Christmas? Mine was suitably full of food, presents, and christmas cheer, sprinkled with family and love. It's been such a long time since I've been home, September-eek I'm such a bad daughter, it was lovely to see my family again. All the kids look so grown up, my dad looked really well, and everyone seemed so excited that we were together for a happy reason after the crappy year we've all been through. Santa brought me some lovely things, some great books, and easily the most comfortable pajamas I have ever worn(and am wearing right now). I think the biggest surprise was my present from John. He got me a voucher for Danny Bulmans tattoo studio!I already have a large tattoo on my back that for years I have been saying I would finish and bring all the way up to my shoulders. Now that I have the funds I'm half excited/half aprehensive, which is odd cos I'm always black and white about everything. I think it's cos I'm such a wuss when it comes to pain. Either way it was a very thoughtful present.

In other news, keep an eye on my etsy shop over the next week as I now have time to update it after all the holiday madness. I also have to get it looking extra fantastical for all those hits I'll get from being on RTE this coming Monday. In case you don't already have it pencilled in, this Monday 5th Jan I will be on RTE1 on Nationwide at 7pm.

19 Dec 2008

Bleary eyed but happy

I did it!!!I finished my first order for Olive, the new shop in Ennis that is selling my clothes. I wanted to have pictures to post, but it was down to the last minute...I was still sewing in buttons in the car on the way there. So hopefully that will be the first of many deliveries. Within an hour I sold 2 coats, which I must say is pretty exciting. So the first hurdle is over, now I just have to get over this weekend and then I'm free to sleep and drink as much as humanly possible. If the sewing fairies would arrive early that would be the best xmas present ever. I've been awake now for 32 hours(and working for most of it), I'm gonna stay up for another 4/5 and finish a few things for tomorrow.

On a happy note I woke up yesterday to find that my wonderful boyfriend had walked across the whole city with a christmas tree on his back just for me!! So I took a wee break to decorate my beautiful mini tree. Whenever I walk into the dimmed sitting room I get a little flutter in my heart, the lights, the smell, it's all so evocative of another lifetime.

9 Dec 2008

Ruth is not Dead

No I have not died, or ambled into an unseen ditch, or climbed into my wardrobe for a very long sleep. I'm still frantically spinning my xmas plates.I've let a couple drop, missed a deadline or two, stopped blogging, let my etsy shop go to crap. But I've also started 2 new markets, been captured by the magic of television, and the BIG NEWS, got an offer from a local boutique to sell my clothes, cards, and mirrors. As thrilling as the whole tv RTE thing was it has been eclipsed by this. I'll actually be selling in a real shop, with other real designers. It was a proud moment when I rang my mother and told her about it. It's been a crazy month. In fact now that I think of it it's been a crazy year.

Year in Review:
Quit my Bar Job
Got waitressing job
Started my business making clothes
Did a diploma in graphic design
Did a cetificate in web design
Friends got engaged
Dad got Cancer
Big sis returns from New Zealand
Went to electric picnic
Went to Edinburgh
Taught art to kids at Summer Camp
Friends got married
Siblings got pregnant
Got a credit card
Opened my etsy Shop
Made my first online sale
Was filmed by nationwide for RTE
Invited to start selling in a boutique
Was featured in 1 newspaper and 2 magazines
Taught John how to use photoshop

Things not achieved;
Didn't learn to drive
Didn't win the lotto
Didn't get a weeks holiday away with John
Didn't bake a cake
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