28 Nov 2009

New Markets

I'm gonna be a busy bee over the next few weeks. I just got confirmation today that I'll be doing the markets in UL over the Christmas. So any of you fine folk who are studying hard over December, pop into the courtyard between 11pm and 5pm every Tuesday. I'm also meant to be taking part in a market being held in the Art College in Claire St. That's meant to be 9th Dec, but I havn't heard much about it so I'm waiting to confirm that. I'll also be doing 'show your business' on Friday 11th December in Bank of Ireland on O Connell St, in Limerick. It sounds kinda odd to be honest, basically I stand about the bank all day trying to sell my lovely wares to customers. It could be good, it could be dire, hard to tell with something like that. On top of all that I'll still be doing the Sunday Market every week!! Hopefully this year we will get a permit extension and be able to sell every day on Bedford Row in the week coming up to Christmas, but I'll hear more about that tomorrow.
Somewhere in there I've to squeeze in time to go to 2 weddings, a birthday party, do all my Christmas shopping, oh and make things too!! To be honest I'm really glad things are busy, the way all the talk was going I was starting to think there would be no Christmas rush, and that Santa may have been killed by either swine flu or the recession.

27 Nov 2009

Moaning Murtle

I've had a crap day today, and I just want to moan for a little bit.

I'm one of those women that suffers from really bad cramps. So I've spent the whole day in agony, in bed with a hot water bottle and a lot of pain killers. I didn't get any work done, and I feel as weak as a kitten. Sometimes I wish there was a fast forward button for some days.

...moaning finished.

26 Nov 2009

I Know Why Men Don't Shop

I spent all of yesterday shopping with my boyfriend John. We are going to a wedding just before Christmas and we needed to get him a suit. Thankfully we got the hard part done very easily and quickly. On the way into town we popped into the mens shop at the bottom of our street and he got a beautiful navy pinstripe suit which was in the half price sale. Now I know why poeple go to proper shops with assistants, they can tell by looking at you what size you are, show you what they have, and they are really pleasant. So all we had left to do was get a shirt, and maybe an over coat. Sounds simple right? Oh no, there is that awful issue of sizes, everything is massive, and really badly organised. God forbid you would ever want to buy something that fits properly! Also the selection of clothes ranges from beige to bland to vomit.
I will from now on totally understand when John comes home exasperated after a simple shopping task. I'm so glad I'm a girl and we have things like colour and cut in our clothes.

On a side note I'm toying with the idea of buying a new dress to go to the wedding. It's 110 euro, but I'm broke and I really shouldn't be spending that kind on money when I have a perfectly good dress in the wardrobe.

So to dress or not to dress?

23 Nov 2009

Nice Day: Blog Giveaway

It's been a while since I've had one of my blog giveaways. I decided to do one a little early so that if I have an international winner then hopefully they will get it by Christmas. Bacically this is a Christmas present from me to you(my lovely readers). All you have to do is leave a comment on this post AND be a follower of my blog. Also if you want to post something about this giveaway on your own blog that would be great too.

Closing date 30th November midnight, and I'll choose the winner Dec 1st

What is the prize, I hear you ask? A lovely collection of my Christmas gifts:
Pocket Mirror
Handmade Felt Brooch
Christmas Decoration
Funky Magnet
3 x Handmade Cards
Total Value 30 euro, which a bit over $40
Ps: I would really appreciate if the winner would post something about my blog/business on their blog. Cheers
Please Note: You must become a follower to enter this draw, leaving your email address as a comment is not sufficient, sorry to be such a stickler but it's a fairly large prize.

22 Nov 2009

Market Cancelled

Sorry to anyone who went down to the Sunday Market today on Bedford Row. It was cancelled due to the horrendous weather forecast. Unfortunately that street it's on is a bit of a wind tunnel, and I've seen four of those green canopys (all still attached to each other) go flyying down the street. It can be pretty dangerous in weather like this, and it's just not worth the risk of damage, or taking someones eye out. We really hate cancelling this close to Christmas but it has to be done. But we'll all be there with bells on next week 12-5pm, as usual.
On the upside it did mean I got to have a lovely lie in, which was much needed after the market yesterday at Winterfest. What I had thought was going to be a wet day, turned out to be pretty dry. But it was a constant battle against the wind and I'm surprised our gazebo stayed up for the day. We had all of our rails and tables bungee corded together, with loads of sandbags. Aside from the weather it was a nice day, and it's always good to meet new customers (just unfortunate that I told about 50 people I would be down at the market today!).

Thanks to those who came down, and hopefully I'll see you on Bedford Row next week.
(thanks to the Limerickblogger for the image)

21 Nov 2009

It's Days Like THIS That I Hate My Job

Rain, rain, go away and come back another day.
It's pelting down all the cats and dogs in the world outside and I've to go sell at an outdoor market in a couple of hours. To make matters worse I have to assemble my very shoddy gazebo in the rain. AND in the past year of non use of said gazebo we seem to have misplaced the water proof side panels.

Oh Joy this is going to be a wonerful day!!

20 Nov 2009

More Things I Like

I'm gonna do another things I like Friday, since I enjoyed the last one so much. I may turn it into a regular thing I'm not sure, depends if I like that many things, ha! Kudos again to Magatha-May for the idea that I stole from her Things I like Thursday.

-Fresh sheets: It's such a little thing, but it's so nice. It's a mixture of the smell and the crispness, and I'm convinced it makes the bed a little bit warmer. It's just a shame I HATE changing the bed covers or I would have this joy more often.

-Reading. I've always been a bit reader, my mother joined us all up at the Library at the age of 4. I read a very strange mix of books. I read lots of fantasy like Robert Jordan, Tad Williams, Tolkien etc. But then I'm always drawn to the booker prize type of book. I like to break up the fantasy with something a little more weighty. I think it's because we decided not to get a tv when we moved into the new house that I've been reading so much recently. Here's a few good ones I read recently
A Spot of Bother-Mark Haddon
On Beauty- Zadie Smith
We Need to Talk About Kevin- Lionel Shriver
Cell-Stephen King

-Star Trek: At this stage I'm sure you know I'm a bit of a nerd. I own all of Star Trek Next Generation on Dvd! What this refers to is the new Star Trek Movie, which is fantastic! I saw it in the cinema, but the other day John came home and said 'close your eyes, and put out your hands'. Low and behold he had bought the new movie on dvd, yey!

-Chocolate: I've really tried to cut down the last two weeks, but I miss it to much. I think I'll wait till the rain passes and then take a stroll to the shop and get some. Mmmm some coffee too would be good.

19 Nov 2009

Suggestions...and How Did You Find Me??

I was just thinking, I read lots of blogs and sometimes little things annoy me about the usability, colour, layout etc. I bet that the writers of these blogs don't even realize, but it's really rude to just tell someone. I know I've had the same layout for over a year now (with some extras added onto my sidebar), but I'd like to know if it works ok.
Is there anything, readers that you find annoying? Or even a small little thing that you would like changed? Suggestions please (don't worry you won't hurt my feelings, I grew a thick skin in all those art college crits!)

Actually here is another thought, I would love to know how you found my blog. As this is a business blog this is good, and free, market research.

Winterfest Market

I wanted to let ye all know that I'll be selling on Sat 21st Nov at the Limerick Winterfest Market at Pery One Hotel on Barrington St. Yep that's this Saturday so if you are about town and looking for some Christmas gifts I think it will be a really good market to go to, and there is free parking in the city all weekend to encourage people to abandon those evil shopping centres.
It's a mix of an indoor and outdoor market, and I'll be sharing a stall with my friend Orla at an outdoor stall. It's open between 12-5pm, and I'm sure it will be packed full of festive cheer. Here is a list of just some of the stalls that will be there:
Creative Wave Christmas Cards
Olio & Farina
Sequoia Lane
Contemporary Fine Art
Pandora Bell
The Wine Shop
Check out their spiffing website for more details

18 Nov 2009

I Have a Question

Ok so I know I'm gonna be offending some people with this post but I'm really baffled so I have to ask. Fake Tan....why? I think we are all agreed the the home job is universally awful, I've seen enough scabby looking knees and elbows to put me off the idea for life. But I see masses of women with well applied fake take, that was probably done in a salon but I think it looks dreadful. I can accept a light layer that gives a healthy glow in the Winter time but I really don't understand the ooompa loompa look. Obviously peole who are paying their hard earned money for it think it looks great. But I really don't get it. Earlier this year I was working for the Junior Cert results night in the restaurant, this involved serving gagles of 15 year old girls. I think with the exception of one table all the girls had neon orange skin, and nasty highlights. It just made me feel very sad for them that they felt they were not pretty enough just to be themselves and not try to warp themselves into some warped Jordan prototype. (Note I'm only confused by the attraction to fake tan, I'm not even going near the topic of sunbeds which at this stage should really be banned)

Somebody please explain as maybe I'm missing some vital point of this mad behaviour!

14 Nov 2009

Christmas Decorations

Today I've been making more Christmas decorations in the run up to the hopeful Seasonal rush. They are the little hampers that I mentioned in a previous post. But I just realised I actually have some pics I can show you for once. These are Christmas Wedding favours that I made. They are the same as the decorations I'm making except these are all in purple and white, and what I'm working on are red, greem, yellow, and blue etc.

Thanks to the groom Richard for taking these pics.

13 Nov 2009

Things I love Friday

I've decided to do a random things I like post inspired by Magatha-May's Things I love Thursday.

1. Twilight- yes of have joined the screaming hoards of teenagers and developed more than a little love for this teenage vampire story. I listened to the audiobooks this month, which of course led me to watch the film with the entertaining eye candy of Robert Pattison. I know it's a bit sad but it brings me back to my days as a teenage goth when I was obsessed with The Crow. As my friend called it today, 'cozy safe popcorn that makes you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside'.

2. Warmth- as much as I love are lovely white house with open plan living, it's bloody freezing this time of year. Lots of glass, high ceilings, and a budget on the amount we can afford on heating is leaving me walking around with lots of layers of jumpers and blue lips. A part of me is missing the coziness of our little flat. Only a small part though, as aesthetics always wins out with me.

3. Kris-kindle- this genius idea is saving me a fortune this year. Usually I buy presents for my 3 siblings, their spouses, their kids, my parents, John, his family, and about 8 other close friends. Which all adds up to about 25 people give or take a few. Which is pretty pricey! So this year all I have to get is one present for a family member, presents for the kids, John, one friend, and Johns family! Yey, it's so much easier, less stressful and I can spend time choosing presents that people really want rather than panic buying on x-mas eve.

4. My Filofax- anybody that knows me from college would laugh if they heard I owned one of these. In my head it seems like such a grown up thing, like a mortgage or having children. I'm trying to become a reformed scatter brain. I try very hard, but sometimes I fail miserably and things fall by the wayside. So after bitching and moaning to John about how I've loads to remember and sort out he went into town and bought me a beautiful red leather filofax. It's brilliant, I have all my deadlines, projects, addresses and phone numbers in the same place. Why didn't I get one years ago!!

12 Nov 2009

Giveaway-Etsy Ireland Team

Treat of treats!!
The Etsy Ireland Team, of which I am a member, are having a super fantastic blog giveaway.
What do you have to do?
Not much! Just leave a comment on this blog post
What could you win?
Loads of really cool stuff, a huge mixed lot of yummy things from the team members.
So what are you gonna do now?
Go over to the blog and win things!

Yey...Go Team

Christmas Ball Rolling

Ok it's official I've been really crap at blogging lately, but life seems to be running at high speed at the moment, with one week rolling into the next. How is Christmas upon us yet, I think a part of me is still waiting for that non existant Irish Summer to happen. I think I caught a tiny bit of sunshine in Doolin one weekend and that's it it's time to whip up the Christmas tree again. I went into work yesterday( I do 2 days a week in a local restaurant-Luigi Malones if you are wondering) and they have all the Christmas decorations up. I know it's just me in a panic wondering how I'm gonna get all my stock sorted by Christmas, and also where the miracle will appear from to have money for presents. Whatever happened to the days that you would wake up with a bag of toys at the end of your bed and all you had to worry about was if you got everything on the list....ah well.
So far I've got a good bit done:

-About 15-20 mini hampers of handmade Christmas decorations. In them there is 3 felt baubles with lots of cute ribbon and buttons, in a pot wrapped in plastic, a premade gift. I figure they would be handy gifts for those people who have everything or when you get a co-worker as a kris-kindle and you have no idea what to get them. 15 euro

-25 sets of 10 hand printed lino cut Christmas cards. Yes you did the maths right thats 250 prints, and yes that did hurt my little arms. 12 euro

-500 new mirrors. Yey I'm so chuffed these arrived, I love the new designs with the 1950s pinups. I also got large buttons with the same designs. Mirrors 5 euro or buy 2 get one free

Very sadly I still have no camera (damned burglers!!), so I can't take any pictures to show all you nice folk. You are just going to have to take my word for it that they are lovely.HA!
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