25 Mar 2009

I am not Dead

Contrary to popular to belief I have not died. I am alive and well and huddled in a mass of boxes. My will to type, create, blog, was packed up in a small box aout two weeks ago, and will hopefully be found in about a week or so. Currently I have no work space, or rather I have lots of space but no availability of materials, so all production has ground to a halt. It has left me feeling twitchy, with a compulsion to sew things, and more than a little grumpy. But it will be worth it in the end.
Here are some pretty supplies that were delvered to me this week... the compulsion to buy more is very strong but I must resist.

Care Free Glimmer

16 Mar 2009

For the love of all things Irish...Happy Paddy's Day

In Celebration of all things Irish, for Paddy's Day, I'm posting some links to lovely Irish things. Wherever you are in the world have a great day. I'll be waiting on tables in the restaurant, which will be demented with kids, but I finish at 6pm so then I'll do some more packing, and afterwards go for a few pints in the pub John works in. It's nice to have him run around and get me things like pints and taytos. Blogs

13 Mar 2009

Wedding invitations

I've decided I'm going to open a second etsy shop selling wedding invitations. I've done a few of my friends weddings, and my sisters, but I don't have any representation of this online. There is a thing on etsy called Alchemy, which is basically where people request stuff and then sellers make bids to make their item for them. There are a huge amount of people looking for custom wedding invitations, and they are willing to pay pretty good money for them. I figure, like my cards, they will be a bit left of centre, but that's the whole point, if people want traditional there are millions of sites doing that. I got my first custom order yesterday, for a punk rock save the date card design. What got me thinking about all this is that I'm doing my friends Laura and Richards invitations for them. I figure I'll do up about 10 different samples, post them in the new shop, and then start making bids and hopefully I get a few orders. I like making cards, it's quite methodical and precise, and custom orders are always fun because they make me think outside the box. This will all have to wait till after the move, but I figure it will take about a month to 6 weeks to get properly organised.

12 Mar 2009

Packing...oh how I hate thee

I officially I hate packing, and I've only started. My allergy to dust is not helping the situation. All other activities seem to have ceased, I turn up to my part-time job and I pack, that's it. Yesterday when I was shopping in town, I was shopping for storage boxes, so it wasn't really a break. Actually does anyone know where to get very large plastic storage containers with lids??? I know they exist, but apparently nowhere sells them anymore, I thought that was the staple of any ugly euro shop, maybe they saw me coming and hid them. So thanks readers for your patience. All Nice Day production has stopped for the greater cause of the move, so you are not missing out on any fabulous updates.
Also does anyone know where I could get a very nice any stylish, but extreamly cheap sofa?

9 Mar 2009

Tick-Tock Last Chance for Prize Draw

This is the list of lovely readers that I will be entering into the draw tomorrow. If you are a male reader, don't worry you won't be getting gross flowery things, you will get a t-shirt instead should you win.
If you are not on this list you still have a few hours left to enter. Either join my gang of faithful followers or add a link on your blog to mine(but let me know by leaving a comment on this post). Thanks to all the new people who joined this month, I hope you settle right in and enjoy reading

PS: I'm back from Dublin, and posts will follow over the next few days of the lovely goodies I bought, and the things I made on the train journey up.

7 Mar 2009

Holidays and Purchases

I'm up visiting the family at home with John at the moment, home being Celbridge in Co.Kildare. We'll be back on Monday afternoon, but until then you'll all just have to survive without my innane ramblings. I'll leave you with this beautiful picture. I couldn't help myself when I saw it listed on etsy, clickety click and suddenly I've bought it, but it's even more beautiful in real life. I'll definitely being shopping with Designed By Jane again.
Ps: Yey I sold a few things on etsy over the past few days

5 Mar 2009

My (very exciting) News

I'm so excited!! I've been bursting to tell my news but I had to wait on the confirmation call this morning. I'm moving house....YEY! For the past 5 years I've been living in a city centre small two bedroom apartment, it has a tiny kitchen come living room and very small bedrooms. But on the upside it had a partly converted attic space that I've used for work. It's been cute and charming, otherwise I never would have stayed so long. But in the past year as the business has expanded it's been a bit of a nightmare space-wise. Also since John moved in over a year ago I've wanted to make it more homely, have friends round for dinner, but we haven't heen able to(we have no room for a kitchen table!).
So for the past couple of months we have been vaguely talking of moving, but with no great urgency. But last week I just got a bee in my bonnet about the space and I started looking online, and the second place we looked at was really stunning. With the changes in the economy it has meant a drop in rent prices, so we could afford to rent a large two bedroom town house. It has:

Large front room
Living/dining Room
Large Bedroom(with a wall of windows!)
Small bathroom
Tiny Kitchen(more of that later)
Small yard
Spectacular master bedroom with original stonework walls and wooden beams
Storage space in a garage at the back
Working Fireplace

You can understand my excitement. So this morning I signed for it and handed in the deposit. We will be moving in on April 1st. But before that we have the mamoth task of moving our insane amount of stuff. Let me explain. I'm a hoarder, I've been doing visual art for 8 years, I've lived here for 5, I work from home, my business is based on collecting things to recycle them, John works from home, and he hoards books and dvds. That all adds up to us have truck loads of stuff....oh and we don't have a car, oh and we live on the third floor....it will be interesting. But it's all worth it because we will have a great living space, and I'm using the larger bedroom as my studio so at last I will have a fantastic space to work in.
Ps: It used to be an office, so the kitchen is the size of a broom closet, but I'm deeply in love with the house so I'll forgive it's warts and wrinkles.

3 Mar 2009

It's Snowing!!

I couldn't figure out why I was so darned cold until I came into the computer room which had the curtains open. It's snowing...and most importantly it's sticking!!! I know the rest of Ireland had this excitement a couple of weeks ago, but we didn't get any of it. It's so very beautiful and fluffy.This is the view out of my window, and there are some merry pub goers having lots of fun with snowballs.

2 Mar 2009

Following changes, please help

I have a question for you, have you noticed on blogspot that the 'followers' section has changed? Before you could just click on the image and go see the persons blog, it now seems that I have to start following it to have a look. That seems a bit crazy to me. If I haven't seen it yet how I can I decide if I want to get updates on it. Am I missing something?? Please help!

Thanks to my new followers! I'm also asking this so I can get your blog addresses so that when I enter you into the draw I can post a link to your blog.

1 Mar 2009

The March Prize Give Away!!

It's that time of the month again...eww not that....it's the grand prize giveaway. Where I give you ,the lovely readers, a chance to get free stuff from my shop. It's an incentive to read and a thanks from me all in one. So if I included you in last months draw you are automatically in this one, unless you send me evil death threats. But if you are new to reading this blog , here's how it works. A)Start 'following' my blog B)Put a link on your sidebar to my blog-but let me know you are doing this or C) leave a comment on this post.
The deadline is the 10th of March

It's that easy folks!!

Feel free to spread the word, tell your cat, your granny or even your electrician.
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