3 Apr 2013

Roller Derby Design

The Limerick Roller Girls are playing for the first time in their home town this weekend. I have a few friends and acquaintances on the team and they suggested that I sell my wares at the event. Instead of just turning up with my normal crafty stuff I thought I would design some derby t-shirts, canvas bags and badges. 

My first port of call was of coarse Pinterest, that's where all the crafty rockabilly girls hang out don't you know! Derby huge in America so there was loads to look through. Basically I was looking for striking photos  to base my illustrations on. I thought this girl was particularly kickass, so she was the first one that I worked on. So far I have done eight drawings, but this is the only one that I have finished in Photoshop. The event is on Saturday, so I really need to get my skates on, pardon the pun!

My intention was to go for a really muted palette, so I wouldn't distract from the line drawing too much, but I got a bit carried away at the end. As you saw in my Girl With The Dragon Tattoo piece I have tendencies to change my mind after a while(the joy of working in Photoshop is that is gives you that freedom that traditional illustration doesn't). I've been looking at the work of my friend Jordie Bellaire a lot, and trying to figure out a few tricks. She is an amazing colourist, looking at her work I discovered that a palette can really make or break a piece. She has been good enough to give me advice in the past(I went to college with her boyfriend Declan Shalvey) and I really appreciate how honest she has been. Colour wasn't something I paid a lot of attention to in college, and I feel like I'm only trying to figure it out now. I'm always tempted to go for really strong colours, but it's good to use some of the other tools in the box too.

The match is on this Saturday in UL, for full details go to their event here on Facebook, tickets are €10 with concessions for students and OAPs, and it's free for kids under 5. You can also go to their website to purchase tickets.

Note: Even though I will be selling at this event on Saturday my book stall will still be open for it's normal hours. 

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