2 Dec 2011

Am I mad or does Gary Dourdan look like Chris Cornell?

I've been watching CSI Las Vagas recently and I have to admit I've fallen a little in love with Gary Dourdan, you'll have to excuse the fact that I've had no tv for years so I had no idea about the whole drug debacle. But hey, he is still stunning, I don't care. But whenever I look at him he reminds me of Chris Cornell...it this weird, can anyone else see the similarity?

Either way I'm just using this as an excuse to post lovely pictures of them both.


  1. oh yeah. I see it, but I often see similarities in faces that others say aren't there...anyhoos Ruth thanks for these two hot guys mmmm...

  2. My hubby and I just saw Chris Cornell on his Songbook Tour (It was great!).

    I also think they look a lot alike. Both guys have amazing eyes and physiques.

  3. Anne-Marie-Yeah it was really just an excuse to post a topless pic of CC

    Anon-I'm so jealous, I've been a huge Soundgarden fan for years(superunknown was the first album I ever bought!)

  4. Sort of, but Gary is very good looking. However I'm prejudice. I don't think anyone's more beautiful than Chris Cornell!

  5. I fell in love with Gary Dourdan the first time I saw him on the TV and instantly realized he was very alike Chris. You are not mad. And I think the picture of Gary on that pink shirt is a perfect proof.

  6. Chris (not Cornell, ha ha!)26 April 2012 at 23:23

    Yeah, Gary looks a lot like Chris. As a big Soundgarden fan i had to laugh when I first saw Dourdan in CSI. The first thing I said was: "Haha, look, that's the black version of Cornell!". It's funny that the German synchro voice also sounds a lot like the talking voice of Cornell. Weird, hehe.

  7. I have always thought this, glad to see I'm not alone!! they look like they could be brothers !! Both good looking men with a strong resemblance to one another.

    Although, in one of the pics above Gary also reminds me of current Brad Pitt as well....around the smile and jaw line.

  8. I've always thought this!! They look SO much alike its crazy!! It's interesting because in some of the pics above, don't you think Gary kind of looks like (current) Brad Pitt as well? Around the jaw line/smile?

    I'd love to see Gary and Chris star in a movie where they play brothers separated at birth or something!!


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