21 Nov 2008

RTE Nationwide

Part of my mad busyness lately is due to a recent email I got aking if I would be interested in being on Nationwide. For those of you not in Ireland I'll explain. It's a programme that has been running on national television forever, and it showcases different business and community topics around the country. Most friends that I told admitted to me that they secretly are addicted to watching it. It has the image that only grannies and watch it, but it's actually watched by a huge amount of people. So you can understand my bewildered excitement at hearing this, and for the past few weeks I've been in a bit of a tizzy trying to get things organised. I got a phonecall today saying that they will be filming this Sunday at the market. So if you ever wanted to pop down and have a look, Sunday is the day to do it, I need bodies at my stall, please. Also in a couple of weeks they will be calling to my apartment and filming me and some models in my apartment. So the first thing on the list was to get the place organised. So after 6 hours of myself and my sister cleaning yesterday, we got about half way there. I'l post photos later in the week to show you how beautiful it looks, at present it looks like it was attacked by bears.


  1. You looked (as we passed) like a natural on camera today. Congrats. Exciting stuff.

  2. Just after seeing your piece on Nationwide this evening. Well done and congratulations on the coverage!

    Anna from AmoshDesigns.ie

  3. Just caught the Nationwide piece Ruth, congrats, keep up the good work. Olivia


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