18 Nov 2008

Busyness pre Christmas

Well it seems I've turned into a crazy busy worker bee, and a few things have suffered because of it. First to go my will to clean the flat, it was never that strong in the first place so I'm no too surprised. Second was my love of blogging, which I gave up unwillingly. I suspect I will be working 7 days a week until Christmas. Between now doing 2 market days, working in a busy restaurant and making all of my stock I definitely won't be idle. Somewhere in there I've to squeeze in a a design for a brochure, a single cover, and I may be doing 2 additional Christmas fairs in the University of Limerick. During last week I got some amazing news that I will be featured on tv with my clothes. More news will follow later when I have concrete dates. But lets just say I have to transform my flat and studio into a presentable place of work, at the moment it looks like its post burglury. So at present I'm really excited that things are going so well and my stuff is selling. But I lie awake at night stressing that I won't be able to keep it up and all my dizzying spinning plates will crash to the ground.
In short: I'm happy but stressed to the gills.

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