1 Nov 2017

Art on Show

I started a new job recently in Bia Agus Caife in Ennis. It's a fairly relaxed,fun, no stress job. I make coffee all day, have chit chat about the weather, and switch off when I come home, a low maintanance way of keeping the bills paid, which suits me perfectly.

My boss very kindly asked if I would like to hang any on my artwork up to brighten the place up a bit. He also said I could use the frames that he hanging anyhow. The next day I brought in the author water colours that I had done over the years. This was literally the easiest exhibition I've ever had in my life-so much so it feels silly to call it an exhibition.

It's nice seeing them all together and makes me feel proud of the work that I had lying around in a dusty box. It's been a bit of a push for me to put aside more time for creating things. It is something I love doing-sometimes I just need a reminder of that.

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