31 Oct 2009

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!

I love halloween so much! This is the costume I'll be wearing tonight. I made it last year to go to a fancy dress wedding. But I figure since it took about a week to make I can totally get away with wearing it again. I have my fingers crossed for the costume competition, but the pub I'm going to takes their costume making VERY seriously, so I think I'll be one of many hopefuls.


  1. Wow great costume, hope you win:)!!


  2. I'm intigued by the idea of a fancy dress wedding. What did the Bride and Groom go as?

  3. Hi there, so how did the competition go? I hope you won. the costume is definitely impressive

  4. gorgeous costume - you look the part Ruth!!

  5. Awesome costume! Did you win?

  6. Sadly I didn't win. They advertised that there would be prizes but we waited till midnight and there was no sign so we left, there was a large rugby crowd in the pub because of a match so people were too drunk and horribly letchy.
    Apart from that, I had a great night, thanks for all your lovely comments.


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