27 Jul 2010

Working on a New Line: iPhone Cases

For ages I've wanted to make accessories for guys, but I couldn't figure out what to make for a brief while I made t-shirts but the work that went into them was not feasible in the end. It was while I was reading ByAmors piece on revamping your shop during the Summer months I saw the link to the merchandising desk on Etsy. Here they talk about specific trends, and advice people to use this quieter time to start a new line of products. It was when I read about the growing trend in gadget accessories that a bell rung in my head. I love making detailed felt designs, and it would give me the scope to work on stuff for guys and girls. So after doing a bit of research on sizes, and prices being charged for them I made my first one, the apple tree here. It was so much fun to make as the ideas for the images are only limited by my imagination. In the few days that I've been working on them I've made 10 of them, and I've even listed them already in my Etsy shop. I've gotten really good feedback about them on facebook and I have an order for one already.
I've decided to push the idea of doing custom order ones, so you can get an image tailor made for you. For example my friend Rebecca has ordered a rainbow to match her LuckyRainbowDesigns business name. I think it would make a cool present for someone if you got something custom made for them, either to do with an in joke a hobby/occupation.
I've three markets coming up this weekend, at the moment I'm working hard on building up a good selection of cases to choose from. I'm charging 20 euro($26) with free shipping worldwide, I think when people see the level of work and detail that has gone into them they will understand the price, especially since they are entirely hand stitched.

Ps: I was reading a post about reverse applique on Grannymars blog last week and I promised myself I would give it a shot. I used this method while making the tape cassette in conjunction with regular applique. I love the results, but boy was it extra work!! Thanks grannymar for the great how-to, I'll definitely be using it again as it looks so pretty.


  1. Nice work, glad the reverse applique worked out for you. I have to say my favourite is the cupcake.

  2. Thanks a million!! Yeah the cupcakes are popular alright, I already make them in brooches and pincushions.

  3. I love them all, now I just have to plan what would suit my best friend best...she's a PE teacher...

  4. Thanks Carrie!!

    Alan, good to see you back here again!

  5. Very nice, now I just need an iPhone!


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