17 Feb 2012

Ouch My Tooth

Quaint and Curious- Anatomy Print $12
I've been really ill this week, I got an abscess because my wisdom teeth are going through a growth spurt. It is mind bendingly horrible pain, I thought I was going to lose my mind on Tuesday night, I couldn't sleep and even lots of Nurofen Plus wasn't taking the edge off the pain. Luckily when I rang the dentist as soon as they opened on Wednesday they were able to slot me in at 10am. It turns out I was very lucky I didn't leave it any longer, he said I was a hairline away from going to the hospital to get the antibiotics through a drip. Apparently if you leave something like that go it's very dangerous as you can get septicemia and die....who knew you could die from a tooth ache???

At the moment I'm on crazy strong medication that are making me pretty dopey, stringing sentences together is a little difficult(as is typing actually!) I picked out some weird and wacky tooth themed things from the land of the internet to celebrate my near death tooth ache, har har!
Sorry I couldn't find a source, but isn't it fabulous?
The Triangle of Bears- Mix and Match Colgate Earrings $6 per pair

Iron Fist Zombie Shoes
Denis Art-Female Dentist Sculpture $109
Triangle of Bears- Teeth Ring $4

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  1. Lovely! I'm obsessed with teeth and 'dental' is my most favourite word in the world!!!

  2. I am so sorry your in pain and very happy you lived to tell about it ;-)

    Thank you for featuring my dental print! In appreciation your readers will receive 10% on their total purchase in my shop when they use coupon code nicedaydesigns (expires 3/18/12).

    XXOO - Terry
    The Quaint and The Curious

    1. Oh thank you kindly for the discount code, what a good idea for passing on appreciation! That is some smart business thinking!

  3. Thank you for your choice of presenting my Lady Dentist clay sculpture in your blog. It is really a very impressise and interesting blog. Wishing you all the best,



  4. Glad you guys liked the post, I always love picking a theme and then going hunting for new fun things on the internet/etsy that relate to it

  5. These look very lovely especially those tooth artworks. Thanks.
    bartlett dentist


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