11 Feb 2010

Come Have a Look....

I thought I'd show you some pictures of where i spend half of my day...my computer. I was inspired by this great blog desked I found that shows peoples' work spaces, and I got such a kick of having a nose. The blog seems to be inactive now, but you can still have a look at all the old posts.

So here is my little corner! I love it, it's right in the middle of our open plan downstairsd living area. So if John is watching a dvd I can still chat away to him. It means I can still do all my listing/promoting/blogging and not feel too isolated. Also a couple of weeks ago John moved all my design/research books beside the computer which makes perfect sense. We reclaimed the chair from a skip, the bookshelf from the side of the road, and the table is a hand me down from my folks...don't worry I bought the computer! The map on the wall is the research project that John spent two years doing. It is an illustrated map of medevil Limerick....can you tell I'm very proud of him?


  1. Very nice, Ruth!
    I see your wee pin cushions there too. :)

  2. I'm still both embarrassed and proud to have my desk featured as the banner for the Desked blog!

  3. Hehe your desk is so clean!!..i hope this is to match you hopefully still immaculate studio upstairs:P

  4. Yeah Claire my studio is stillclean, I keep meaning to post some pictures and get you a gold medal in gratitude!!
    Alan I can't believe that is your desk that's crazy!!!! True mine is not always this tidy but....


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