9 Sep 2010

Finger Ring Pincushions

My large pincushions have been selling really well at the market so I had to restock them a little bit. But they are really time consuming, I needed to find something quicker to make to keep up with the demand. I remembered seeing a how-to for these bottle top pincushion rings ages ago, it seemed like the perfect solution. They are cute, and quick to make. I kept my signature cupcake icing, this adds a bit of time but I think it's worth it. For anyone following the how-to don't worry you don't need a drill, I used a hammer and a nail, just as effective and much simpler. Now I'm on the hunt for plain bottle caps so I can make loads more, unfortunately lots of drinks have the logo printed on them. I know it wouldn't make much difference but I prefer it when they are plain.

I also gave these shrinky dink pins a shot too. They are really easy to make and I think they really complete the pincushions. I think I'll give two of them with each ring. The only problem is that some of them curled up when they were shrinking, so there was a little bit of wastage. I still haven't decided on a price yet for the rings, 5 seems too little but 7 is too much, maybe a happy medium at 6 euro each. What do you think?


  1. brilliant ! love the shrinky dinks

    i saw these on etsy ages ago and favourited them, much smaller than yours....but another style worth checking out


  2. So cute! I think they'd be well worth €6.00 or €7.00 if you're including two shrinkydink pins with each.

  3. these are so cute!
    I have a bunch of plain white bottle caps you could have, not sure if they're the kind you need.
    I think you could easily charge €10, but I'm not sure how much time these take.
    they are adorable!

  4. oh these are like, twist on soda bottle caps, huh? the ones I have are like glass beer bottle caps. That wouldn't work, lol.

  5. Nancy, they are really lovely, thanks for the link, actually needle books are next on the list f things, I've had lots of people asking for them at the stall.

    Beth I think you're right, I'll try them at 7 and see if they sell, it's easier to lower prices than to raise them.

    Thanks anyhow Rachel, but I think you're right it's the plastic ones that would work better. My larger ones are 10 so I can't really have them the same price, I'd like to charge more for them but they just didn't sell when they were over a tenner. ...I just need to get an army of elves to help me instead!

  6. Sew cute - I love them, just have to learn to sew properly. I saw gorgeous button dolls in Smyths yesterday & thought of you. Funny huh? Buttons = Ruth :)


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