16 Feb 2010

Lola Montez

All my good intentions to do loads of work this weekend disappeared. Saturday was consumed with the handhover from hell that tried it's hardest to kill me, and Sunday was spent in blissful romance until John was called into work on Sunday night.

We did attempt to do the 'going out for Valentines' thing and we went to see Lola Montez in Dolans on Friday. It can be best described as a caberat/musical/burlesque show. With lots of tongue in cheek humour, and panto-like talking to the audience antics. Like the film Moulin Rouge it mixed in lots of contemporary songs into the life story of the lady credited with starting burlesque. I know a number of people involved in the show, so I wanted to go see it anyway. But I have to say I was really impressed with it, and so were the group I went with. There was fantastic audience involvement coaxed by narrator Miles Breen, with James and David Blake being two other notable standout performances. I had heard that they were planning on doing some more shows later in the year, I'm not sure if this is true, but if it does book some tickets and go, it really was a fantastic night out.

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