6 Feb 2010

I Caved and Joined Facebook

I eventually caved and I joined facebook. I've been hearing so much about it in the forums on Etsy that I thought I would give it a shot. It ends here though, I will not join twitter. I'm already starting to feel a little bit of social networking burnout between the 2 shops, 2 blogs, my own facebook page and a fanpage. I know other people do a lot more but I still want to have time to make things...and oh have a life too.
When I was setting it up I found it a bit clunky, and it's pretty annoying that I can't sign on seperate from my personal account. When I eventually connected to the 'My Etsy' tab though it works a lot better. I'm rather impressed with the live feed to my blog too. Hopefully this drive more traffic/sales etc and make everything link together a bit better. There are loads of people I know who are on facebook who are otherwise internet/computer clueless so maybe it will reach a different market.

So if you wanna become a fan click here, or go to the shiny new button I made for my sidebar.

Note: I love this picture, I typed in internet networking into getty images and this is what popped up...I love it!

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