24 Feb 2010

Reference Books

As I mentioned it was myself and Johns 3 year anniversary last week, and this is what he got me for my present. These two great books:

Recharge your Design Batteries published by Rotovision
It's got lots of ideas and mini projects. It's the kind of handy resource book to have when you hit a wall and all ideas have dried up, it would get the motor running again. I haven't had time yet to really go through it properly bt it looks promising so far.

200 Ideas to get you into Fashion Design by Adrian Grandon

In some ways might this book might sound likes it's a little redundant for me but there are lots of handy little tips in it. Since I was never formally trained in fashion there are lots of things that I missed out on learning, and I've picked a few things up from this book already. And it's also very pretty which immediately makes me like a book. So it's now living beside my computer with all my reference books. Looking at them makes me want to buy more.


  1. They both look very handy to have around. What a sweet and thoughtful gift!

  2. Yep he's a sweetie alright, he always gets great presents!


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