2 Dec 2010

Christmas Cards

For once I remembered to take photos of something I've made before it's packaged and ready to sell at the market. I've been frantically making Christmas cards over the past few days. I like to have two ranges of cards at the stall; the hand printed lino print cards and also the collaged paper ones, so there two different price ranges for people to choose from. It's getting harder to compete against large chain stores selling 'handmade' cards at crazy low prices, it really galls me when I see them, as they are certainly not handmade. I sell mine at €4 each or 3 cards for €10.

Every year I swear it will be my last year making cards because of the amount of time I spend on them compared to the return I get, but I still love it and can't make myself stop! Here are just a few photos, but if you would like to see more you can look at them in this facebook album.

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