7 Dec 2010

The Paint Brush Has Come Out Again

People often call my stall the Christmas gift stall because I sell loads of bits and bobs that are a affordable that would be great for Christmas presents. The problem with this is that most things are priced under a tenner, which means I've to sell an awful lot of stuff to make it worth my while. Lately I've been working on some higher priced items, like my ABC set and some Christmas stockings. They still won't break the bank at €20 but it's easier for me to earn more money at the stall with a wider price range.

So with this in mind I wanted to put some of my artwork on the stall, but I don't have a huge amount of space, which means having small pieces in the €15-€35-€80 price range. I bought some small clothes drying racks to use as display units, and I'll let you know how that pans out for me tomorrow when I try them out. As for the art itself, I went digging through the studio to root out some of my older work to see what I could do with it. I found these plain monoprints in square gold frames which I did years ago. I thought they looked a bit bland, so I took them out and pepped them up with some water colours. I'll see how they go these weekend, if they turn out to be a success I might just put aside a painting a drawing day to make some more.

Any suggestions on prices for these?

PS: Sorry for the poor picture quality these were taken last night on my phone


  1. Hey Ruth. Do you have an online gallery of your art? I'm in Australia, but would be wuite keen to buy some of your works in the coming year. Is there a way I could look at what you have an order the works I most like, from here?

  2. Thanks a million for your interest, and sorry it took so long to get back to you, I haven't been on my blog in ages.
    I don't have any of my artwork listed in my online shop yet, but I plan to change this soon. I don't have a lot of paintings done as I mostly focus on my crafts.
    Is there any of the ones you liked from these photos, I'm charging €20 each including the frame, plus postage.
    If you would like to contact me to look for more info just email me at ruthcrean@yahoo.ie

    ....since you didn't leave any contact details here in your comment I can't get in touch with you..sorry
    hope that helps, and thanks again for your interest it's very flattering!


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