3 Dec 2010

Messy Studio

I'm always reading blogs that show pristine studios, with great colour schemes and wonderful light, and they make me envious. I'm lucky enough to have a good bit of space to work in a room that I love, but I've discovered over the years that I like working in chaos. So I've posted these picture for those of you who are also messy pups. This is currently what my desk looks like, I've been making loads of cards and this is the madness that grew around me. I'll finish my card making stint and have to tidy it all away. Then I'll probably start some sewing and mounds of felt and thread will evolve over a few days. Certainly around Christmas my propensity for messiness goes into over drive due to more and more constraints on my time. In the New Year I'll do a large scale clean of the studio, and make sure everything goes back in it's place...but until then I'll continue to squirrel away in the madness.

Ps: I also wanted to show you pictures of my two new favourite toys, my glue gun and also my heat gun for embossing. Marian from Made Marian was very kind this week to drop in some extra craft supplies that she declutered recently. She gave me the heat gun and a host of other great card making goodies. Then yesterday in Silkes when I was about to spend €10 on lots of glue I thought maybe it's time to invest in a glue gun. It took a while to get used to how fast it dries, but now I'm loving it. I've been toying with the idea of doing a card making video for the blog, and I might just have to now that I have such posh tools!


  1. A Glue gun is an essential piece of household equipment!! Sez I!! I've had one for years, my Momused to regularly post me glue sticks when I lived in East Africa!

    Its a great comfort to see your work area- mine could rival yours probably for knee deep chaos, and, like you, I work best like this! It drives everyone else crazy! And do you find that the actual work space gets smaller and smaller by the day as all the choas accumulates and sort of moves together? A bit like that scene in Star Wars ehrn Luke and Leia are in the rubbish place!!!

  2. Totally! There is method to the messy madness. It's so nice to see you back Heckety, I just started following your blog!


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