20 Sep 2011

More Movie Reviews...

I've been doing lots of brooch sewing lately, one of the nice things about this is that once they're prepped and cut/co-ordinated I can sit down on front of a movie and sew to my hearts content. That way I get to catch up on my brooches and have some chill out time too. My local rental shop Moviedrome does a great deal that you get 6 old movies for €10 for a week. If you're from Limerick and you haven't liked their business page go do so now over here, Paul posts lots of fun film tit-bits regularly. You can also see the nifty new profile picture I made for him last week too. Here are some of the film I rented.

Crazy Heart: John wanted to rent this ages ago,but in one of my grumpy mood I said no. I used up one of my 6 rentals to 'get something for John' to be nice to him. But I was thrilled by how much I loved this film. It's a story of a drunken washed up country singer played perfectly by Jeff Bridges. He meets a young journalist, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and a relationship grows between them. The music alone is fantastic, a surprisingly genuine and believable performance from Bridges, who has a wonky whiskey voice perfect for country music. Add to that a good slowly building story and honest performances from all and it makes for a great film. I think I'll be adding this to my collection at some point soon.

The Special Relationship: The film portrays the relationship between Bill Clinton and Tony Blair during the initial few years of Blairs term. There were solid performances all round but ultimately it's a bit of a forgettable film. It was interesting to watch it as I was quite young when all this was happening but I still remembered snippets of it coming back to me while watching the film.

Remember Me: I'm not sure why I left it so long to watch this. I think I overheard a friend saying it was crap, and it just put me off. Sadly I mentioned to my housemate Cecily that I rented it and she let slip the ending before I watched it!! Even knowing the outcome I still really enjoyed this picture. I has predictably delicious Robert Patinson in it, which is always a bonus I wont lie. It show the burgeoning love between a couple and both of their difficult relationships with their fathers. After typing that I realise how trite it sounds, but trust me it's good. Strong and believable performances from both leads add depth to it.

All the King's Men: Sometimes I have a moment while watching a film I'm really not enjoying and I think 'why bother?'. I had that moment while trying to enduring the pained over acting of Sean Penn..and I just thought life is too short. I switched it off after about 45mins. Maybe I watched it on a bad day, or in the wrong mood, but the whole thing came across as clunky. I was seeing Sean Penn shouting on a stage, not believing a character, I was thinking about the dull script and not believing the story. I turned it off and had a chit chat with Cecily while doing my sewing, a far nicer way to spend an evening.

Conversations With Other Women: I absolutely loved this film! It's an interesting take a the portrayal of a failed relationship. It stars Helena Bonham Carter(in my opinion one of the most beautiful women ever) and Aaron Eckhart. The entire film is shot in a dual screen which means you can see both actors at the same time, this is totally engrossing as you can watch all the tiny nuances between this couple as the negotiate their way through this meeting. The performance from Bonham Carter is one of her best, and she captures beautifully the inner tension between guilt, desire, and loss. You could watch this again and again and see new things every time.

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