19 Sep 2011

Halloween and Zombie Love

It's coming into Halloween season soon and for once I want to be prepared. While waiting on John yesterday in the lovely Tom Collins' I sat down and did a little brain storming session. I came up with a few ideas:
Headless Horseman
The Thing type crawling hand
Spooky castle

I know I'm missing loads of stuff so I'm asking for suggestions please.

I'll be selling them as party sets either to give as party favours, or to hand out at the door instead of sweets. I did this last year and I must say that the kids loved it! I'll also be selling them individually.
Image Courtesy of Limerick Eye

At the end of this month there is a Zombie Outbreak Festival in Limerick. The Festival kicks off on Thursday, 29th September with the students of Limerick hosting events around the city and and continues right through until the 2nd of October, with a full schedule of music events, talks with guest speakers, movie screenings and children’s spooky tours in the Hunt Museum. I'm sure I'll take part in this somehow, I love fancy dress. I was thinking of Zombifying one of my old costumes...I think a Zombie clown would be pretty cool. I'll also be making some zombie badges to mark the occasion, maybe try to sell them at some of the events like I did for the Pride Parade last week.

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