8 Sep 2011

For the Love of Pinterest

Beatriz Martin Vidal

I joined Pinterest last week and have become completely addicted! I had stumbled upon it a few months ago, thought it was pretty but quickly moved on, but once I actually joined then it got it's well groomed claws into me. For those of you who haven't heard of it it's like creating an online mood board, with sections and categories. There is a handy toolbar button that you click anytime you see something cool on the web, they you can add it to your categories. The idea being that you have lots of people following you and they can see the pretty/fun/cool things you've clicked and then in theory pass them onto others. It's a nice way to browse the web for research purposes, it's an artist and design haven. It's really handy as all you have to do is click the image and it brings you to the original blog post/website. Already I have categories like tattoos, studio envy, crafty projects. As the weeks and months go on these collections will get bigger and bigger.
Since joining I've discovered some great new craft blogs and lots of inspiration for making some crafty tweaks to my house...now just to find the time to make them!!

As a blogger and a crafter selling online it's another way of getting my work out there, the odd time I plan to slip some of my own pieces into my mood boards and hopefully bring them too a new audience. I've also used Pinterest to 'pin' some artist friends of mine's work. With the 'repin' option this has the potential to reach lots of people. I just have to figure out how on earth to get more followers, anyone have any tips?

So if you would like to follow me click here, if you haven't joined already I would highly recommend it, although beware it's another online time burner!

Tattoo artist David Hale

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  1. I heard someone on the radio yesterday singing its praises....she said that she and her best friend were always useless at buying presents for each other and this has done wonders for them!


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