1 Sep 2011

Fondelifair Handmade Banner

On Sunday just gone I was out at The Limerick Show selling my crafts with Fondelifair. Michelle and Alice asked me to make a crafty banner for them. They arrived with letter patterns from Hickeys and lots of lovely quilting fabric.
Firstly I cut out all the letters I needed, then pinned them to the fabric, deciding carefully what fabric would sit well against each other, clashing and matching in the right balance. I placed them all out on the floor (as you can see in the first picture) to see what it looked like. After a little bit of rejigging all the letters fit on the piece of fabric.

 I used an applique stitch on my machine with red thread to outline the letters on the green fabric and to tie the elements of red together from the different patters. Lastly I stitched on a few large buttons to give it the cute and quirky handmade finishing touch.


  1. great color scheme is using in banner its great blog pull up banner

  2. This looks fabulous. This is perfect for baby showers and for my child's room.

  3. Love the design. This is definitely perfect for baby showers. bristol printing

  4. Nice design there. You did a great banner job for the shop. You could put up a business with your creative mind. Great!


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