27 Feb 2013

Vintage Style Handmade Civil Partnership Cards

A while back I made some Civil Partnership cards, but to be really honest I wasn't happy with them, they weren't my normal style at all. Last week I went back to the drawing board and had a think about how I was going to do them. It would be near impossible to get appropriate embellishments so I knew I needed to make them myself. I've been making my own images for my cards for about a year now, and I've been using lots of vintage illustrations and photography. They match really well with the papers and distressed ink I use. After much Googling and Pinteresting I found vintage images of gay couples. I was hard to find the ones with the right tone, that were romantic but not too trashy for a wedding card. I must say I'm really delighted with them, I know it's really hard to get civil partnership cards, let alone unusual handmade ones. I've made about ten of them, as yet I haven't sold any so I'm starting to think I might be better off listing some online. A farmers market is not exactly the kind of place that people go looking for a gay wedding card!

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  1. Hi Ruth!

    Think these are a great idea! and love the old images used and the style but if if I could give you one suggestion I would change the font on the card as I dont think it compliments it to well. Something like a typewriter font would work a bit better as it would go better with the vintage style aesthetic.

    Great idea though! and i can really see them hitting off! :)

    1. I totally agree about the font, I used the text i had printed out for the other ones, I've since made new ones and they look way better. I'll delicately try to remove the text from these and replace it with the new(old) font.

  2. Ruth - forgive me for commenting on something off subject, but I wanted you to know that I had a lovely surprise arrive with my post person this morning. Many thanks!


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