19 Jul 2013

Product Photography; a lesson in staging


Sometimes I can get a little lazy when I taking photos, especially when I'm up to my eyes making work. Over the years I try to make the extra effort and it always pays off, and then I slip back into being lazy again. While looking at the work of Rachel Corcoran I realised that my photos needed more than a little sprucing up. Last week I took some very middle after the road shots of my new writers 5x7" cards and listed a few of them online. Today I did a whole new set up and I think they look far snazzier. Simple props like this large sand timer and some old books really helped enhance the mood of the cards. 

I did the same for the original series of paintings that I did. I had quickly snapped pictures of the mounted pieces while they were still in their plastic (what was I thinking!!). With a few simple props of my paints and this antique skull and books I made this photo much more interesting. I didn't use any fancy camera or lighting, these are all taken on my Samsung Galaxy S3. I know it's a lesson I learn over and over, but it is really worth the extra 20mins or so coming up with a good initial set up, after that it's plain sailing.

I've spent the last couple of days listing all of my new items in my shop, hopefully by the end of the week I will have everything up in my shop. 


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