2 Jul 2013

Food Love

I'm not normally one of those people who takes photos of my food but a combination of a new phone with a a snazzy camera and also making some tasty food has transformed me into a supper snapper. Both of these dishes were really easy to make, and were absolutely delicious.

Pitta Pizza:
I had some left over homemade Italian sauce from the night before in the fridge and I used it as my base for this homemade pizza cheat.
-Wholemeal pitta cut down the middle
-Leftover sauce(red onion, garlic, tinned tomato, black pepper, chorizo, red pepper)
-Fresh mozzarella(from the Milk Market)

Put it under the grill for 7-10mins while you prep yourself a lovely side salad. I made a dressing from ume plum vinegar, pepper, and soy sauce, it's super quick and adds loads of bite.

I've been obsessed with black pudding salad since I got it in a hotel years ago in Dublin. I usually make it with some sort of goats cheese but this time I changed things up a little.

-Carrot(I use a peeler to make long strips, very nice in salads and stir fry)
-Mixed seeds
-Rocket(I'm totally addicted to it, I put it on everything)
-Baby tomatoes
-Semi-soft poached or boiled egg
-Black Putting from The Milk Market
-Rye Bread from The Milk Market
-Fried chorizo

I've gotten back into cooking in a big way lately, so I suspect that there will be lots more food updates!

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  1. Stop it! You're making me hungry ;)
    The pitta pizza looks and sounds delicious.

    1. It's super easy! Give it a go.

      I was so proud, the other night my housemate showed me a photo on his phone, he had made himself the black pudding salad and loved it! I will convert the world to this dinner.


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