19 Dec 2008

Bleary eyed but happy

I did it!!!I finished my first order for Olive, the new shop in Ennis that is selling my clothes. I wanted to have pictures to post, but it was down to the last minute...I was still sewing in buttons in the car on the way there. So hopefully that will be the first of many deliveries. Within an hour I sold 2 coats, which I must say is pretty exciting. So the first hurdle is over, now I just have to get over this weekend and then I'm free to sleep and drink as much as humanly possible. If the sewing fairies would arrive early that would be the best xmas present ever. I've been awake now for 32 hours(and working for most of it), I'm gonna stay up for another 4/5 and finish a few things for tomorrow.

On a happy note I woke up yesterday to find that my wonderful boyfriend had walked across the whole city with a christmas tree on his back just for me!! So I took a wee break to decorate my beautiful mini tree. Whenever I walk into the dimmed sitting room I get a little flutter in my heart, the lights, the smell, it's all so evocative of another lifetime.


  1. Wow! Congratulations! That is quite an achievement.

    And very sweet of the b/f to get you a tree. :)

  2. Thanks Rachel!
    I enjoyed my 13 hours sleep last night, I feel a little guilty cos I skipped the market, but hey I'm not a machine.

  3. Hope you had a great Christmas and continued success in the New Year :-)

  4. Hey Ruth, congrats on the order and those sales. We await your TV appearance with baited breath!


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