9 Dec 2008

Ruth is not Dead

No I have not died, or ambled into an unseen ditch, or climbed into my wardrobe for a very long sleep. I'm still frantically spinning my xmas plates.I've let a couple drop, missed a deadline or two, stopped blogging, let my etsy shop go to crap. But I've also started 2 new markets, been captured by the magic of television, and the BIG NEWS, got an offer from a local boutique to sell my clothes, cards, and mirrors. As thrilling as the whole tv RTE thing was it has been eclipsed by this. I'll actually be selling in a real shop, with other real designers. It was a proud moment when I rang my mother and told her about it. It's been a crazy month. In fact now that I think of it it's been a crazy year.

Year in Review:
Quit my Bar Job
Got waitressing job
Started my business making clothes
Did a diploma in graphic design
Did a cetificate in web design
Friends got engaged
Dad got Cancer
Big sis returns from New Zealand
Went to electric picnic
Went to Edinburgh
Taught art to kids at Summer Camp
Friends got married
Siblings got pregnant
Got a credit card
Opened my etsy Shop
Made my first online sale
Was filmed by nationwide for RTE
Invited to start selling in a boutique
Was featured in 1 newspaper and 2 magazines
Taught John how to use photoshop

Things not achieved;
Didn't learn to drive
Didn't win the lotto
Didn't get a weeks holiday away with John
Didn't bake a cake


  1. That really sounds like a hectic year. just keep up all your good work.

  2. You should be ashamed for not baking that cake!

    I'm delighted that practically all the things on that list are great things making it a very good year for you. Aside from all that, i'm really sorry to hear about your dad, hope everything works out okay :)


  3. Thanks Declan and Margret.

    Yeah it was much earlier this year that we found out about Dad. He is pretty much finished his treatment and they are fairly certain he will be fine, thank god. I was really tough, but work were really good and gave me lots of time off to spend with my family. Hopefully he will be back to himself in the next couple of months. It's only things like that happening that really make you think about life and family and how fragile it all is. Thanks for asking Dec.


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