12 Mar 2009

Packing...oh how I hate thee

I officially I hate packing, and I've only started. My allergy to dust is not helping the situation. All other activities seem to have ceased, I turn up to my part-time job and I pack, that's it. Yesterday when I was shopping in town, I was shopping for storage boxes, so it wasn't really a break. Actually does anyone know where to get very large plastic storage containers with lids??? I know they exist, but apparently nowhere sells them anymore, I thought that was the staple of any ugly euro shop, maybe they saw me coming and hid them. So thanks readers for your patience. All Nice Day production has stopped for the greater cause of the move, so you are not missing out on any fabulous updates.
Also does anyone know where I could get a very nice any stylish, but extreamly cheap sofa?


  1. Argos?
    Oh and if you find any stylish, cheap sofas please let me know! Ours are ghastly! And they're that funky shape you can't buy covers for.

  2. Have you tried IKEA!

    Thanks for being my first follower at www.laspottery.blogspot.com !!

  3. The Ikea recycling boxes are a little expeisive, but very sturdy and give good access to stuff in side while stacked. Otherwise, B&Q usually have a good storage range.


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