5 Mar 2009

My (very exciting) News

I'm so excited!! I've been bursting to tell my news but I had to wait on the confirmation call this morning. I'm moving house....YEY! For the past 5 years I've been living in a city centre small two bedroom apartment, it has a tiny kitchen come living room and very small bedrooms. But on the upside it had a partly converted attic space that I've used for work. It's been cute and charming, otherwise I never would have stayed so long. But in the past year as the business has expanded it's been a bit of a nightmare space-wise. Also since John moved in over a year ago I've wanted to make it more homely, have friends round for dinner, but we haven't heen able to(we have no room for a kitchen table!).
So for the past couple of months we have been vaguely talking of moving, but with no great urgency. But last week I just got a bee in my bonnet about the space and I started looking online, and the second place we looked at was really stunning. With the changes in the economy it has meant a drop in rent prices, so we could afford to rent a large two bedroom town house. It has:

Large front room
Living/dining Room
Large Bedroom(with a wall of windows!)
Small bathroom
Tiny Kitchen(more of that later)
Small yard
Spectacular master bedroom with original stonework walls and wooden beams
Storage space in a garage at the back
Working Fireplace

You can understand my excitement. So this morning I signed for it and handed in the deposit. We will be moving in on April 1st. But before that we have the mamoth task of moving our insane amount of stuff. Let me explain. I'm a hoarder, I've been doing visual art for 8 years, I've lived here for 5, I work from home, my business is based on collecting things to recycle them, John works from home, and he hoards books and dvds. That all adds up to us have truck loads of stuff....oh and we don't have a car, oh and we live on the third floor....it will be interesting. But it's all worth it because we will have a great living space, and I'm using the larger bedroom as my studio so at last I will have a fantastic space to work in.
Ps: It used to be an office, so the kitchen is the size of a broom closet, but I'm deeply in love with the house so I'll forgive it's warts and wrinkles.


  1. How exciting! Congrats!

    I despise the packing bit, but once you get there and unpack - oh what fun!

  2. Good luck with this Ruth, it sounds really lovely. And there is nothing nicer, or more homely, than having your own front door. I just moved recently and even though I'm only in a flat it's the main floor of a big old house so I feel like I have my own house finally! The move was hell though - I too am a hoarder. Enlist every bit of help you can and call in all the favours :)!!

  3. Congratulations on the new place. It sounds fab.

    Since I live in Limerick too and have a car if you need help moving just give me a shout. It would be no bother.

  4. Thats so great! Congrats congrats congrats! Good luck moving!

  5. Anti-room:that's so true about my own front door, at the moment we trapsehrough amouldy stair case...not pretty.

    Magatha-May: thanks so much for the offer, hopefully Iwon't need to call in your services as I have a few friends with cars....but if things get hairy I'll bear that your kind offer mind.


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