13 Mar 2009

Wedding invitations

I've decided I'm going to open a second etsy shop selling wedding invitations. I've done a few of my friends weddings, and my sisters, but I don't have any representation of this online. There is a thing on etsy called Alchemy, which is basically where people request stuff and then sellers make bids to make their item for them. There are a huge amount of people looking for custom wedding invitations, and they are willing to pay pretty good money for them. I figure, like my cards, they will be a bit left of centre, but that's the whole point, if people want traditional there are millions of sites doing that. I got my first custom order yesterday, for a punk rock save the date card design. What got me thinking about all this is that I'm doing my friends Laura and Richards invitations for them. I figure I'll do up about 10 different samples, post them in the new shop, and then start making bids and hopefully I get a few orders. I like making cards, it's quite methodical and precise, and custom orders are always fun because they make me think outside the box. This will all have to wait till after the move, but I figure it will take about a month to 6 weeks to get properly organised.


  1. word of warning, it's one thing to make invites for friends and family but it's another to do it for other people you don't know, best of luck though!


  2. Good luck! I ordered custom invitations through an online friend for my wedding. I think there is definitely a market for your imagination.

  3. T cup I understand your warning but I think my sisters wedding was very good training(I hope she is not reading this) but she was painfully good training for the most fussy customer I could ever meet. I've also done lots of free-lance graphics work so I'm used to people being quite 'vaguely demanding' ...the worst type, they know what they hate but not what they want.


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