24 Oct 2009

Etsy Ireland Meeting, Dublin

I went to the Craft Ireland Etsy Team meeting today in Dublin. It was a bit of a long trip but I was able to fit in a visit with my parents and the meeting was great. I met up with Tanya, Alex, and Sarah. It was really good to find out more about the team, show some of my products and volunteer to help out with the teams blog. I don't think I'll be able to to to the monthly meeting, but every couple of months should be easy enough to manage.
Check out their great blog with there themed articles per day. I should have a few guest posts coming up before Christmas, don't worry I'll let you know before hand so you can check it out.
Here is there lineup:
Introducing Mondays( an intro to a newcomer to the team)
Tutorial Tuesday( a walkthrough tutorial)
I'll show you mine Wednesday( a tour of a crafty studio)
Trade Secrets Thurday( an article about good supplies shops)
Fab 5 Friday( 5 great picks from the team)

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  1. thanks ruth! i only say this now! and i love the costume! did you win anything??


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