1 Oct 2009

[Crude] Magazine Feature

Well it was bound to happen eventually, my little sewing machine eventually died. There have been lots of small problems with it for ages but it eventually gave up the ghost last night. Unfortuneately it's not the best timing in the world to be paying for repairs, but to be honest I'm surprised it lasted this long with the amount of work I do on it. Luckily my lovely friend Sharon lent me hers for a little bit so I won't have to stop working.
I'll be heading up to Dublin for a little trip tomorrow. Just a short one, on secret mission that I hopefully will be able to tell you more about soon, suffice to say I'm very excited about it.

Any on my Irish readers might be interested to know that I'm in Crude magazine with a very cool 4 page spread. It's an alternative lifestyle magazine with surfing, design, music, tattooing and fashion. It's a quarterly publication and a really good read, you can pick it up in any Easons or HMV (also give the crossword a shot, my lovely John compiles it, it's very tricky). The proper website seems to be offline at the moment for updating so I just gave a link here to the myspace page.


  1. congrats on getting the magazine feature!

  2. hey, thats a co-inky-dinky

    i know that cover painting... thats by Con, and he never said 'what a wily ol' fox' he is :-)

    Its good to see the Cregan promo wagon is still throttling on at full speed!!



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