12 Oct 2009

Etsy Ireland Meeting

On Saturday I went to Galway to meet some of the Etsy Ireland(west) team.Sadly it wasn't a huge group, only three of us in total, but hopefully it will grow in time . But I did get to meet two really lovely Polish girls, Agnieszka of Lysulka and Kamilla of Niceartthings. It was really good to meet people in person and talk about crafting, experiences on Etsy, swap supplies tips, as sometimes it can feel a bit solitary working by myself all the time.They also encouraged me to get in touch with the main Etsy Ireland team, and try to get some of the benifits of being part of a team, I'm sure I have a lot to learn from them.

The other nice part about the trip was that I got to go to Galway,which I hadn't visited in 10 years, which is totally crazy because it's only 2hrs on the bus and it's a great city. It was totally buzzing with people when I arrived, buskers every 10 meters, a tonnes of shoppers in the city centre. I went to their market, which is great and has a wide variety of stalls. It is a bit crazy that it's in a tiny alley way and they stall are very small, it would drive me crazy as a trader. It did put me off queueing for food as I'm not a huge fan of getting stuck in crowds. I wish I would have had money on me, there were definitely a few things I would have snatched up. When I enquired at a few stalls if they sold stuff online I was surprised when most of them said no. It's so easy these days to set it up, it seems like such a wasted opportunity not to. There is one shop I totally fell in love with Lola Rosa, if ever there was a shop that I wanted to buy every single thing in it, it was this one!! It's like crawling inside someones brain who is dotty, arty, clolourful and they have a long shopping list of presents to get through. They sells lots of beautiful things that would be perfect for gifts, but also a selection of fabrics,ribbons, and buttons. Really I can't recommend this shop highly enough, and if you can't make it to Galway check out their website!


  1. I would absolutely love to start my own etsy some day:)..always been a dream but the whole idea of having to get a credit card to use it doesnt seem like a good idea with no steady income coming in and i know ill just but up every cute thing i see on there:)

  2. Lovely work and lovely blog! I've added you to my fave lists of blogs n my brand new Irish blog on design and art and general pretty things ;)

  3. your like the wild rover. how do you have all the energy? thanks so much for the mention on your blog. i'm dying to see your designs d

  4. Claire Ann...I was a bit nervous too, and yes credit cards are a little scary. Now I really only buy supplies off Eysy, but it's great for Christmas shopping. Maybe give it a shot during the Summer when you have more time, and get a small limit on your card so you don't spend too much.

    Thanks Dandelion!!

    Dee-I'm a crazy workaholic and I don't stop, it keeps me sane though!


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