5 Mar 2011

More Mini Reviews

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Due to my wisdom teeth's insistence in growing, regardless of the fact that there is clearly no room in my mouth, I currently look like this charming picture above, just less glamorous, and with a swollen jaw.
With the fact of the horrid pain in mind you can understand my lack of will to live, let alone sew and make pretty things. Add on top of that I've developed an abscess cos of my growing wisdom teeth, which means I haven't eaten solid food in two days. I'm really bored of soup, and porridge.

So I watched films. What else is there to do in a crisis like that??

This tells the story of Joan Jett and Cherrie Curry, and their huge rise to fame in their teens with the band The Runaways. I rented this out of curiosity of the background of Joan Jett. I also vaguely remember reading a review saying that this was going to be Dakota Fanning breakthrough role into playing more adult characters. It's a typical document of the perils of rock n roll, and all it entails. It's the stunning performances from the two female leads that saves this film from being just another rock biography.

I'm sure everyone at this stage know that this film is about the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, the worlds youngest billionaire. Since I knew nothing about him, and the start up story to the site I found this fascinating. It's hard to tell where reality ends and fiction starts though. It seems like a very neat parable to show a man with no friends who creates the largest tool for social interaction. Although I really enjoyed this film, it suffers from the fact that it was made while he Mark is still very young. It felt like a narrative half told.

This is another film that has a really strong female lead. It shows a young girls fight to keep her family together while looking for her drug dealing father who has skipped out on bail. The above description doesn't do it justice as it is a far more layered and subtle piece than that. Weaving seamlessly from the underground criminal world, into rural hicksville America.
Glengarry Glen ross


  1. Awww Ruth, hope you feel better soon, and those growing pains stop!

    Will the tooth have to go, or will it not cause any problems once it's out?

  2. Thanks Purls, feeling a lot better today, a long last. Yeah I'd say I'll have to get it pulled eventually...ugh :(


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