1 Mar 2011

Selling on Etsy

At the start of January I decided I was going to rejuvenate my Etsy shop, I'd had it for years, but I was never able to get sales moving consistantly. I started putting items in it other than my pocket mirrors, things like brooches, buttons rings and earrings. I spent time, and money on a photography studio improving my photos and also took note of things like craftopolis and view counters. I shared more of my items on facebook, which is also linked to my twitter account. On top of that I've started blogging again which I'm sure helped a little too.

The results being that for February I double my etsy sales from an average taken for the previous few months, which is pretty good going since they were over xmas. I also more than doubled the amount of unique visitors for the month.

At the end of all this I'm still unsure if it's worth the effort, as these takings are still only a small portion compared with what I sell at the market. But I suppose in these 'interesting' times we are in at the moment the idea is to take whatever I can get, mush it all together and hopefully at the end it amounts to an income! It's satisfying to be able to make something at home, and within a half an hour I've taken photos and listed it online, ready for the open market. It is very time consuming though. Also on the down side I seem to have dropped the ball when it comes to my supplies shop, I don't seem to have the brain space to run the market and two etsy shops. How do the rest of you feel who are working/selling on etsy?


  1. Oh I so hear you! I am trying to spend a little more time on the online selling side as well, but I find it particularly difficult to get the photos right. I make oil paintings and they are so hard even for pro photographers. Just keep on trying! It will eventually all work out and I think online one has to be patient and slowly things will develop. Love your work btw! Very, very cute stuff!

  2. You have done very well, Ruth!!
    I, myself, don't do fairs or shows so I rely completely on Etsy and other online venues. I love Etsy!! my pocketbook however, does not. :P

  3. Hi Ruth,

    As a recently new seller on Etsy (2 days ago), I am overwhelmed by how good your shop looks, your efforts have really paid off. As Nadja mentions above, it is very hard to take good photos of art, I have to say I'm struggling a bit, my first attempt was awful, it's not too bad now but I've a long way to go! Best of luck with your sales, your products are fab!! Haidee :-)

  4. I didn't want to come across as moaning, I remember how tough it is at the start. It's just frustrating to look at the time to work ratio, even at this stage when I'm selling more regularly, it's still too unbalanced. I was trying to put on my business brain for once, trying to be practical.

    Nadja and Haidee-yeah it's really tough photographing paintings, I've tried and failed a few times. What I usually do when shooting a new product is browse through etsy for a while and see how other people take pictures of it. Sometimes you can get nice ideas for set up. Maybe a table easle with a nice table cloth for your first photo might work.

    Balanced-it's nice to hear you say that, cos I see how hard you work on your shop, and how professional it looks. It makes me feel a little less insane, thanks!
    Ps: I used your shop as an example of the quality to aim for when I was showing my friend Lamhanna(Branden Kern) how to set up his shop. I was mean and made him take all his photos again! I can be horrid teacher when I need to :)

  5. I hear ya!

    Ruth, I want to nab this article for the Etsy Ireland blog ;)

    I only do the occasional market, because I find you spent huge amounts of money (stall fees, transport) and get little in return. I prefer to sell online, but it is really hard to be found on Etsy. I end up spending so much time networking (blogging, tweeting, facebooking, making treasuries, commenting) that I don't get enough time knitting and designing!

    Sadly, it's not a way to make a living...

  6. Birgitte I would be happy to expand on this article for the team blog, I wrote it just off the top of my head in a moment of frustration. Not too much more but some tweaks.
    When would you like it published? I can get it ready and schedual it


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