26 May 2011

Button Rings

I've been at the pop-up shop a lot lately, and if I'm not there then I'm at the market, and if I'm not to be found there then I'm writing/reading emails. Which leaves very little time for creating. To help with this situation I've started bringing in my button ring making supplies into the pop-up shop, it helps fill the quiet times and also means I can get some work made.I got a tonne of them made in the few days that I've been there.

Monday and Tuesday of this week I did a BIG card making session, but then forgot to take photos of them(sorry). They're all wrapped up now in their plastic bags, which makes them a bitch to photograph. I am happy to have some new stock though as only all the rejects were left behind....you know what I mean. Say I make 30 cards, there is gonna be about 4 I can't sell for love nor money. Well after a while of selling for a while, these little runts tend to build up, and that is what's filling my card stand at the moment. I know when this saturation point occurs because my cards sales evaporate...that's when I know I have to get card making. Sometimes it happens because they are kinda niche cards, too specific an occasion, or if they are not mainstream enough. I know this is a bit mean of mean but I've really noticed an increase in my card sales since the card shop in town and the Crescent Shopping Centre closed down. It's awful to reap the benefits of the demise of someone else's business. I couldn't figure out the peak in my sales until I saw their drawn shutters, then I had a light bulb moment.

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