8 Jun 2012

Etsy Shop Makeover

I've been doing a bit of rejigging on my Etsy shop lately. I go through fits and stages with my love hate relationship with the shop, it doesn't make me much money, so I don't want to waste valuable time on it, but at the same time I know it's worth having. I got around to listing all of my illustrated cards, including some new ones, as I will be having a giveaway on Pretty Far West in the next week or so, don't worry I'll let you know about it.

While I was doing this I passed my critical eye over the rest of the shop and saw that my banner was really out of date and didn't reflect the rest of my online platforms. I waved my Photoshop wand and fixed that in the vain hope that it will bring me the millions I've been daydreaming about. I then made a decision to deactivate all of my pocket mirror listings and replace them with one generic any design listing. I then edited all of my badge listings to include a link to this mirror item. It seemed like a waste of money to keep both items listed in my shop at all times. It also means that I'll be more likely to post more badge designs if I know I don't have to pay for it twice.

I also got a large badge part delivery with means I was able to reactivate my listing for 20 badges for €20, which are really popular as party favours, mostly hen parties. It's getting back into hen party season again and I'm really glad that I designed this catalogue of designs last year as it has really lessened my work load. I just need to spread the word about this a little more, another thing to add to my infinite to-do list!

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