12 Jun 2012

Planning a Tea Party

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I'm turning 30 next Tuesday and I decided yesterday that I would throw a tea party during the day before I meet the rest of my friends in the pub afterwards. The only bad thing is that it's a Tuesday and daytime so a lot of my friends are working, but I just wanted to do something fun and girlie during the day.

I'll be happy making the posh sandwiches but I'm not much of a baker so the cakes will be a bit of a challenge. My plan is to make it very pretty to distract from the fact that they may not be the best cakes in the world. The main point is that I try to pull off a grown up thing like a tea party, you know with me being 30 and all I have to try to be a lady, well at least for one afternoon.

I have lots of cute chintz cups already that I've been meaning to turn into pincushions, and I can get whatever else I need from charity shops. To get some inspiration I went hunting on Pinterest and found some amazing ideas, I will definitely be making the strawberry Rice Crispie cakes as I think even they are within my baking abilities.  

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  1. Such a cute idea - and I have a gorgeous recipe for you: orange almond cake. I'm no baker either but this one is really really simple and lovely: http://icanhascook.wordpress.com/2012/02/17/sineads-tunisian-almond-and-orange-cake/

    You only need about half the syrup though otherwise it's too sweet. Have fun, Ruth!

  2. Now I am hungry! What a selection. I have very limited baking abilities but if you are looking for an easy recipe, the bbc website recipe for Victoria sponge is easy to follow and works out. Have a wonderful birthday!


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