5 Sep 2012

Full Range of Canvas Tote Bags

I have at long last sorted out all the problems I was having with my canvas bag production. At the very beginning I was ironing them on by hand and using prohibitively expensive transfer paper. Then when I got a heat press from a friend of mine I had major issues with getting the pressure right. Then ensued a problem with burning the canvas of the bag, which a teflon sheet from ebay solved. After all that I still wasn't getting full coverage all the time, there was a lot of costly wastage. I just recently changed my brand of transfer sheets and all my problems were solved-eureka!

Today I did a whole batch of bags and there was no wastage whatsoever. So thrilled was I by this revelation that I took some photos of my range of bags and listed them all in my Etsy shop. I've been meaning to do this for ages, but since I was having so many problems it didn't seem to be worth my while.

To see all 12 designs go to this section in my shop, they are €5 each. I will also be selling them every weekend at the Milk Market. Now that all the glitches are sorted I'm looking forward to working on some new designs.

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  1. These are awesome!!! I love the "I shoot people" bag.....want!!!!

    1. Thanks! I'm delighted at how well they are selling, the camera one always sells when I have it in stock


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