27 Sep 2012

I Have Returned

First of all I just want to announce I'm not dead! I just did something really stupid. You know when you get (yet another) bill in the door and you think it's OK to ignore it? Well I got a few Google warnings saying my domain was going to expire and I needed to update my payment settings. I got these at a really bad time when every bill in my whole life seemed to be late, so it seemed pretty low down on the list after lighting and my rent.

Oh how silly of me!

I didn't give it too much thought and I let the domain name expire, thinking it would be really easy to fix. But it really wasn't. At first I thought someone has purchased it and was squatting on the site. Queue complete hysterical freak out where I had a shouting melt down in my kitchen(I thought I lost 5 years worth of a blog). After consulting a few tech savvy friends I found out a bit more(thanks Dave and Jess), but I was still no nearer to a solution.

Then two things happened; A)I arranged a meeting for Limerick Craft and Design B)some of the committee were late, so I had an hour to chat to Neville about my problem. Add in a dash of free Wifi, and a sprinkle of an iPad and we were a few steps closer to resolving the issue. Neville then donned his super hero cape and called over to my house to save the day, and my website. 

Neville is not just a tango teaching, fencing, photo taking mastermind, he is also a computer superhero too in his spare time. If you have a moment head over to his website and have a gander through his lovely photos.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!
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