17 Aug 2010

Great News for Nice day Designs

I got some amazing news on Friday, it was confirmed that I have a permanent spot at the Saturday Milk Market! This is really amazing as it's almost impossible to get a stall on this day, as the waiting list is years long and nobody ever leaves once they get in. There was a brief time earlier this year when I thought I had it already but that was due to a miscommunication, and I was gutted to find out that I didn't have it. But this news comes from the top man at the market, I'm definitely in, under the condition that I continue to trade on the Friday and Sunday every week. I can totally understand this stipulation as they are trying to get more traders on these quieter days, and they don't want me jumping ship before things have really gotten started yet.
So far I've done 3 Saturdays and they've been really excellent, there is an amazing amount of people passing through on Saturday morning, with some dedicated shoppers even arriving at 7am to get their veg and fresh fish before the mad crowds. At the moment I'm in a corner out of the way(if you click the link I'm slot 55), but beggars can't be choosers and I'm just glad to be in there. It will take a while for people to realise I'm there and to build up a regular customer base. I'm going to have to start making my Christmas stock very soon or I will never be able to keep up.
Three days a week, and a fourth day on the last Thursday of every month for the craft fair is a lot to commit to. Especially since I'm making all the pieces I'm selling, at the moment it's a very difficult balance that I haven't quite figured out yet. Hence the fact that my supplies shop is still on vacation, something had to give and sadly I had to decide to just take a couple of weeks off from Etsy so I can get my timetable properly sorted.


  1. that is awesome news, Ruth! big congrats!!

  2. Wow congratulations Ruth I'm delighted for you!

  3. congrats hon - I'm so pleased for you.

  4. Oh it's so fab - wishing you every sucess!

  5. Congratulations Ruth - you deserve it!


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