4 Apr 2010

Sofa Day

I've been really busy with lots of different projects over the past few months so I decided to take it easy this week, well relatively. I made more brooches yesterday, they are the kind of thing I can make while I sit on the sofa and watch a movie (since we don't have tv). The general rules are I can't watch anything with subtitles as I can't sew and read at the same time. I tend not to watch really good films as I miss most of it. That mostly leaves rom-coms and stuff I've seen a million times. Yesterday for my veg out sewing marathon I watched
The Lady in the Water: A terrible M.Night Shyamalan movie, that is weirdly entertaining because of some very good performances. But at it's core it's trite. The subtly and charm of the small bit of magic in his other films is totally over blown in this one.
Love Actually: I know this is an awful film, it makes me cringe for half of it, but for some bizarre feel good fuzzy reason I like it. I watched it with the commentary so I didn't have to suffer through the awful bits with the kid in it.
About a Boy: A really sweet Nick Hornby story about how no man is an island. Also watched with the commentary on.
District 9: When John was home we watched this, a really great film, but it makes me feel queezy with the grossness. This broke my rule of watching something good while working. If you haven't seen it go rent it! It's a sci-fi movie set in the slums of Johannesburg shot in a documentary style.


  1. oh those button brooches are so sweet looking - are you going to be out in UL at the market any time soon?

  2. I love the button brooches too, very cute.

  3. No mags we only get a stand at the UL market at xmas time, as craft is seen as a consumer item...don't ask I don't really understand their logic. If you wanted one of the brooches but couldn't make it to town I could set up an Etst listing if you wanted.

    Thanks Maraian :)

  4. I actually quite like Love, Actually and don't think there's any shame in admitting that it does what it sets out do and does it well. It's not a masterpiece, but if you're looking for a romantic feel-good comedy, it's somewhere near the middle-to-top of the pile.

    Lady in the Water was terrible. Particularly the murdering of the critic for no other reason than it seem Shyamalan really wanted to murder a critic.

  5. I might just wait and call into you some evening - I still have that dress to get altered.

  6. Darren- yeah I watch the extras on Lady in the Water- and it was cringe worthy to hear him talk about the film. I'm a total believer in the value of bubble gum girlie films, sometimes that's all my brain wants. We have our collection divided into the boys and girls section.

    Mags-no worries :)

  7. Hi Ruth,

    Have you sold the pink button one at the top of the group of buttons, the one with teh little pink flower under the button? If not could you list it on Etsy for me? It's so cute.

  8. Just realised that i will be in town on Sunday so i can stop by the stall for the button brooch I mentioned above, that's probably handier for you. If you still have it that is. Cheers.

  9. Thanks Marian! I'll text you now :)


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