11 Jul 2012

Being Sick and Watching My So Called Life

My so Called Life-Rayanna

I've been off the radar for a while as I got my four wisdom teeth out of Friday. I was a first for me as I was never in hospital and I had no idea what to expect. The nurses and doctors were really lovely, and helped put my nerves at ease. I was put under for the operation so I wasn't in any pain at all, thank God! I wasn't able to sleep off the anesthetic so I was pretty loopy by the time I was leaving in hospital. I was expecting to feel pretty awful for a few days, but I didn't foresee being bedridden for 5 days! The painkillers that they put me on made me really ill and incredibly weak. I just about managed to shuffle to and from the bathroom. On the Monday out of sheer disgust with myself I took a shower, but I nearly fainted from the heat and having to stand up so long. I really wasn't expecting to feel this bad at all! People warned me about the pain, which I haven't felt much of because I've been on planet la-la drugs. Today I'm feeling a lot better, and even made my own breakfast, but I haven't braved the outside world yet. I think tomorrow might involve a very slow walk to the end of the street to go to the shops; thrilling!

All I've been eating is soup, mashed potato, jelly, scrambled eggs, and Yop. In between drug induced slumber I have been hallucinating about food, everything chewy, crunchy and meaty. My first solid meal is going to be heaven!

The upside is that I've watched LOADS of tv(I was way too drugged to read). I borrowed the box set of My So Called Life and had a major nostalgia buzz. Myself and my sister were obsessed with this show, she wanted to be Angela chase, and I secretly wanted to be Rayanne the crazy alcoholic friend. We actually met Jared Leto (the heart throb of the show) on Grafton St. It's the only time I've ever been start struck, we were teens, he was from tv, and American(OMG!), it was pretty cool. Now looking back he was pretty nice to us, and stayed chatting for a few minutes. I made the above Polyvore as an Homage to Rayanne's pretty fantastic wardrobe.

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  1. ah jeez sounds terrible Ruth! i had my gall bladder removed when i moved to england and i got so sick with the anesthetic too. Wish i could borrow that box set! i loved Jared leto then - not now though he's got a head on him the size of mars ;) take it easy chicken x

  2. I had 3 wisdom teeth out in Barringtons about 2 years after the dentist literally had her knee on my chest to get the first one out. She said she couldn't cope with the rest!

    I remember the drugs, the hallucinations, the living off petit-filous! And then my face looked like I'd gone a few rounds with Rocky too- very sexy! I mean it when I say I feel so sorry for you! It is no fun Ruth :( Rest up easy and get well soon x You'll be back to normal soon, I promise you it happens!

    1. You mean you were put under anesthetic??? I got a normal tooth out a couple of years ago and the pain from that was horrendous, I has a little Asian lady with both her knees on my shoulders too(apparently I have 3 roots in my molars!)

  3. Oh dear god I still love Jared Leto! I once kissed a guy who looked just like him, complete with long hair in a disco in Dundalk aged 14! THAT made my summer!!

  4. I so feel for you...I had two ordinary teeth out on Wednesday with local anesthetic...and with that and pain killers I am definately off the planet...hope you feel better soon X

  5. Thanks everyone for the well wishes, I'm feeling much better now, and I will be getting back to work tomorrow.
    I'm pretty much on solid food again, I just have to be careful with certain things and not scoff my food


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